Asthma can be well managed! According to Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute), the goals of good asthma management should produce these results:
Maintain normal activities including exercise
Maintain close to normal pulmonary function
Prevent troublesome symptoms
Prevent recurrent “flare ups” of asthma
No ER or hospital visits
Good management of asthma can be achieved by most people, even those with severe asthma. Teamwork is the key to success in reaching the goals of optimal respiratory health!
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Dust mites mite be bugging you! Allergy-proofing your home mite be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Research has proven that allergies to dust mites are oftentimes the trigger that sets asthma into action. Getting tested for dust mites is easy. Some simple steps to take in the elimination process of these dust mites are:

• Use Allergy Proof Bedding to keep dust mites from getting through to your nose and mouth while you sleep.
• Get rid of feather pillows and bedding.
• Launder bedding weekly, using an allergen wash, hot water and a hot dryer to kill the mites and their eggs.
• Get rid of fabric-upholstered furniture and heavy draperies. Use materials that can easily be wiped off.
• Eliminate clutter from your living spaces, including old books, magazines, flower arrangements, baskets and cloth wall hangings.
• Get rid of the carpet! Dust mites love to hang out in the carpet and bug people every time they walk on it. An alterntive would be to use a denaturing carpet powder.
• Use a HEPA and electrostatic filters to capture airborne particles.