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Jane E. Rubinov, RRT, AE-C, has dedicated her career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Asthma Educator, sharing her knowledge, skills, and heartfelt caring with those who cannot breathe with ease. Jane’s personal experiences with allergy-triggered asthma have given her personal insight into breathlessness.
“Providing the best care for our patients also includes educating them and their families. As a registered respiratory therapist, I know that education is key for their success. This book provides a unique and fun way for our patients to learn about asthma and at their level so that they will be better self-managers of their disease.”
—Thomas Kallstrom, RRT, MBA, FAARC
“Asthmarelda and AsthmoMan hit three-point shots on every page of this book as they extraordinarily validate children from around the world who suffer day after day from indoor and outdoor environmental asthma and allergies."
—Alexander “Sandy” Halperin, DDS
"Jane's commitment to asthma education has spanned the thirty years I have known her. She was the encouraging voice that led me to start the first asthma intervention program in San Francisco. Her commitment is evident yet again with AsthmaKaDaBra. It will be a welcome addition to our library." 
— Charles McDonald, MD
California Pacific Medical Center, Director pulmonary physiology laboratory